Ishwar Chandra ‘Vidyasagar’ Bandyopadhyay had his share of fame during his time. He still is a revered name in Bengal (a bridge, a university, a city college after his name apart from many minor references), though not quite known at the national level. We don’t have a holiday declared on his birthday, or much of a noticeable stake of his biography on children’s textbooks nowadays – proving his posthumous heydays as a luminary are fading 125Y after his death. My picture of him remains a 2-pg capsule on him which served to glorify him and motivate tender minds to feel inspired. It met a purpose or two and was prescribed timely. However it was too little in dosage and too childish in quality – either in authenticity or in the objectiveness of portrayal of a human character. When I grew up to an age when I could truly appreciate a man, he was already off my textbooks. Continue reading “Vidyasagar”