Ratnakar, a hell to heaven journey

Hero: Ratnakar – profession: a dacoit cum killer – challenge: Narad – warning: retribution for sins – excuse: financially dependent family – deal-stealer: parents-wife-kids approve fruits of sin but deny shares of sin – disillusionment: leave home – surrender: to Narad – meditation, Ma-Ra-Ma-Ra-… – anthill – attainment: salvation – rechristening: Sage Valmiki – author: Ramayana. That’s the story. It’s one of the most fascinating stories I’ve heard in childhood. It has been haunting me for maybe 3 decades now. Continue reading “Ratnakar, a hell to heaven journey”


Green stands for prosperity

You were “Born on the Bayou”, didn’t see much current around you while growing up. Your father could spend just enough to bring you up. One fine day you hold a ticket to opulence. The craving is always fluid and the concentration imbalance of money is huge between the two sides – in short the stage is all set for a breakneck osmotic ride except a push to soften the membrane into a semi-permeable state. The push may be a lottery win or a God particle or an easier route called a software job. You focus too hard on the primary object of interest and everything else around goes blurred. In this ride to the mountain top, you may not have the luxury of appreciating a rainbow. However, the green brigade sitting on the other side has picky old-timers. The true blue greens expect rookies like you to have at least some flavors, if not a fully inherited class. These greens may be horsing around there for generations. They screen new entrants, failing which you’ll be financially fit but socially unfit (not a premium membership status). The power trio of ‘flat-car-marriage’ (3 symbols of a civil and settled Indian) is a gate-pass and the romance ends there. If you yearn to be in a ‘society’ with them, you better get trained. These are the short cuts to pass the acceptance criteria alongside money. With no time to evolve, take to adapting. Continue reading “Green stands for prosperity”