I was reading a few reports written in memoriam a gentleman who ran a business of brewing alcoholic beverages. He achieved remarkable success with his rum brand that reached the number one spot in the country. A couple of highlights can be easily noticed in those obituaries. Continue reading “Inspirited”


The whims of success

Success is a hard nut that many die in trying to crack, many while daydreaming about. Aspired by all, touched by a minuscule proportion of the population, success is a mystery-shrouded destination of all human lives. It needs no explanation why a suggestive formula to success has been a bestseller across seasons. Hence it’s a ‘natural selection’ that successful individuals are invited at various forums to share their experiences. Their hindsight is a hint given out to others on a treasure hunt. In addition, there is a class of intellectuals who earn fame by hosting cookery shows on recipe to success. They achieve success by writing about it. Some of these success coaches are astute; they tend to go too deep into the theories of the subject though they don’t have hands on experience on that. An angler’s wait, a gambler’s bet, success in some way or the other keeps us glued to it. Continue reading “The whims of success”