I was reading a few reports written in memoriam a gentleman who ran a business of brewing alcoholic beverages. He achieved remarkable success with his rum brand that reached the number one spot in the country. A couple of highlights can be easily noticed in those obituaries. Continue reading “Inspirited”


Snow white and the dwarf

Rajib Bhattacharya had no childhood to write home about. He was destined to be an ordinary middle class (with a downward tilt; lower-middle class to be fair to economics) man from day one. No fire in his eyes, no skills to present and not much of friends to get help from, he grew up without being noticed on any front. An unassuming guy like him grows up and somehow camouflages into the cattle class of this country. That’s the average norm for the average. I doubt if he ever told his parents about any aspirations in life. Such a nobody’s body is being brought back from a high snow-capped mountain. He is (rather was) 43Y when he died last week due to reasons he preferred to seal by his withered lips.

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