Green stands for prosperity

You were “Born on the Bayou”, didn’t see much current around you while growing up. Your father could spend just enough to bring you up. One fine day you hold a ticket to opulence. The craving is always fluid and the concentration imbalance of money is huge between the two sides – in short the stage is all set for a breakneck osmotic ride except a push to soften the membrane into a semi-permeable state. The push may be a lottery win or a God particle or an easier route called a software job. You focus too hard on the primary object of interest and everything else around goes blurred. In this ride to the mountain top, you may not have the luxury of appreciating a rainbow. However, the green brigade sitting on the other side has picky old-timers. The true blue greens expect rookies like you to have at least some flavors, if not a fully inherited class. These greens may be horsing around there for generations. They screen new entrants, failing which you’ll be financially fit but socially unfit (not a premium membership status). The power trio of ‘flat-car-marriage’ (3 symbols of a civil and settled Indian) is a gate-pass and the romance ends there. If you yearn to be in a ‘society’ with them, you better get trained. These are the short cuts to pass the acceptance criteria alongside money. With no time to evolve, take to adapting. Continue reading “Green stands for prosperity”


Things she does to turn me on

On a normal day, I go to work, do things… I mean walk the money trail dreaming religiously of being able to earn more soon. More comfort, more security and a bit more predictability, such ‘more-tal’ thoughts more or less make my day. On my day, I talk too. Continue reading “Things she does to turn me on”

I and my solitaire keep whispering to each other

The rich and the poor, divided by the ocean of economy, have a strange equation that bridges them. They both are children of God; however the flow of affection got skewed on its way and the poor missed it completely. Some of them feel deprived and are angry deep inside. Some think it’s God’s discretion or spilt-over sin from a previous birth and must be accepted in silence. They are helpless in the hands of God and his favorite children. Theirs is a life minus style – it’s about a boring toil throughout just to make the basic ends meet and die in poverty in the process. The rich have dreams, aspirations, emotions, moods, friends, mannerisms, tastes and choices apart from the definitive money, comfort and lifestyle.
“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich” – Napoleon Bonaparte (who cares for misattribution!) Continue reading “I and my solitaire keep whispering to each other”

Grow rich, you fool

Being rich, universally accepted as the quintessential goal of life, is not extremely difficult. I mean, living poor may just be little more painful. At the base, it’s about amassing money, in some direct or indirect form. The experts prefer ‘worth’, ‘assets’ over ‘money’. That’s OK. I’ll lay out the basics of how to grow rich for the uninitiated.

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