Ducks and drakes

Scarlett Johansson has touched upon an interesting note in a recent press meet. She feels monogamy isn’t an intrinsic part of human nature. It takes a lot of effort to honor it by controlling the urge to “look beyond”. [I relished the retort by Tim Lott and recommend a mass reading ceremony of it] It hardly occurs to the working/middle class folks that monogamy vs polygamy could be a subject to ponder upon. As Mr. Lott says, lack of choice kills a lot of flavors from hogging the brain and vanilla rules by default. Continue reading “Ducks and drakes”


Gamble, live in or marry – The Ace of Spades

Live-in couples finally got their due. The marketing heads have raised their hands to shower blessings on these couples. To begin with, we have the landlords in confusion over whether to allow such couples as tenants or not. On one hand, there is a fear of being labelled as indulgent to decadence in society, on the other hand “I get my money at the end of the month, why do I care what they are to each other?” or “as long as they aren’t terrorists, I’m safe to count notes at the end of the month”. Indian art-house, who mostly fuel selling of products just like their science counterparts, have noticed this conflict that’s rising in urban India. We’ve got an TV ad on this theme! Continue reading “Gamble, live in or marry – The Ace of Spades”

Et tu, Farhan?

Hrithik Roshan in 2015 and Farhan Akhtar now… you broke Indian hearts. You can’t announce divorce with your respective wives of one and half decades and meet the press to talk about privacy, amicable relationship, good parents etc. You’re not only good friends yourselves, you both stand for young successful B-town celebrities with looks, body, fame and money. You were our idols of super successful, domesticated, young, intelligent and down-to-earth, male specimens who are good as husbands, fathers and in sense of humor. Style icons, heart-throbs, suave, 8 packs and creative… it’s OK if you have flings here and there or just a pair of roving eyes, but you can’t play a cheap trick like divorce! Continue reading “Et tu, Farhan?”