Déjà vu – Sunil meets the absurd

It occurred a few times to me. I can’t claim I keep experiencing déjà vu every leap year. Nor have I seen ghosts. I fail to remember dreams. Still it did happen; I saw or heard something new but felt it wasn’t a fresh knock – a replay of sorts.

I bunked classes and walked 30mins to watch a movie, not for the first time though, called Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. In 1994, SRK was naïve and not the superstar he later went on to become. There was something Amish-ly attractive about the movie in its entirety. I still rate the film as one of my top Hindi picks; the protagonist, Sunil, was a key reason for my deep commitment and lifelong devotion to the film. Much later, 20Y from that day, I stumbled upon http://www.sparknotes.com/philosophy/sisyphus/summary.html – I was trying to clear the air about ‘the absurd’. Illiterate in literature, philosophy or humanities, I got this basic intro very late in my life. I realized what Sunil was whispering in my ears all these years. Continue reading “Déjà vu – Sunil meets the absurd”