40: Time’s running out

2 months or millions of seconds passed since I announced my ecstasy. Nothing did I initiate to mark a change. My decay continues with no respite in sight. No serious effort being made to walk my talk, I’m in a classic monkey trap. Is this a psycho-paralysis or a comfortable numbness or just a lull before the storm? Continue reading “40: Time’s running out”


40: high to try

Rolling Stones cut “Forty licks” to celebrate 4 decades of their career. Celebs brag “life begins at forty” to break the uneasy ice of age, “naughty forty” to emphasize that it’s not that loose a body. Is age just a number? If so, there must be something uncanny about 40. End of youth? Middle age? Choice between grey or bald? Health toll? Diet control, spectacles, repentance, disillusionment? At first I was jotting down loosely on the questions that spin in my head. Later I found a pattern, a clustering around death. [Info: I read a few days back on how Mendeleev found the Periodic Table in his dreams.] Continue reading “40: high to try”