Snow white and the dwarf

Rajib Bhattacharya had no childhood to write home about. He was destined to be an ordinary middle class (with a downward tilt; lower-middle class to be fair to economics) man from day one. No fire in his eyes, no skills to present and not much of friends to get help from, he grew up without being noticed on any front. An unassuming guy like him grows up and somehow camouflages into the cattle class of this country. That’s the average norm for the average. I doubt if he ever told his parents about any aspirations in life. Such a nobody’s body is being brought back from a high snow-capped mountain. He is (rather was) 43Y when he died last week due to reasons he preferred to seal by his withered lips.

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Grow rich, you fool

Being rich, universally accepted as the quintessential goal of life, is not extremely difficult. I mean, living poor may just be little more painful. At the base, it’s about amassing money, in some direct or indirect form. The experts prefer ‘worth’, ‘assets’ over ‘money’. That’s OK. I’ll lay out the basics of how to grow rich for the uninitiated.

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Placebo – “I shall please”

An old retired professor of Chemistry, with chronic, almost lifelong bronchial glitches is under another bout of cold and cough. He is worried as ever about how to soothe his lungs and kill the bug. A planned dose of antibiotics, a couple of files of cough syrups including an antitussive and an expectorant are over. All natural, homemade remedies are tried out, but he still coughs. Continue reading “Placebo – “I shall please””

The whims of success

Success is a hard nut that many die in trying to crack, many while daydreaming about. Aspired by all, touched by a minuscule proportion of the population, success is a mystery-shrouded destination of all human lives. It needs no explanation why a suggestive formula to success has been a bestseller across seasons. Hence it’s a ‘natural selection’ that successful individuals are invited at various forums to share their experiences. Their hindsight is a hint given out to others on a treasure hunt. In addition, there is a class of intellectuals who earn fame by hosting cookery shows on recipe to success. They achieve success by writing about it. Some of these success coaches are astute; they tend to go too deep into the theories of the subject though they don’t have hands on experience on that. An angler’s wait, a gambler’s bet, success in some way or the other keeps us glued to it. Continue reading “The whims of success”

Gamble, live in or marry – The Ace of Spades

Live-in couples finally got their due. The marketing heads have raised their hands to shower blessings on these couples. To begin with, we have the landlords in confusion over whether to allow such couples as tenants or not. On one hand, there is a fear of being labelled as indulgent to decadence in society, on the other hand “I get my money at the end of the month, why do I care what they are to each other?” or “as long as they aren’t terrorists, I’m safe to count notes at the end of the month”. Indian art-house, who mostly fuel selling of products just like their science counterparts, have noticed this conflict that’s rising in urban India. We’ve got an TV ad on this theme! Continue reading “Gamble, live in or marry – The Ace of Spades”

Et tu, Farhan?

Hrithik Roshan in 2015 and Farhan Akhtar now… you broke Indian hearts. You can’t announce divorce with your respective wives of one and half decades and meet the press to talk about privacy, amicable relationship, good parents etc. You’re not only good friends yourselves, you both stand for young successful B-town celebrities with looks, body, fame and money. You were our idols of super successful, domesticated, young, intelligent and down-to-earth, male specimens who are good as husbands, fathers and in sense of humor. Style icons, heart-throbs, suave, 8 packs and creative… it’s OK if you have flings here and there or just a pair of roving eyes, but you can’t play a cheap trick like divorce! Continue reading “Et tu, Farhan?”