Ducks and drakes

Scarlett Johansson has touched upon an interesting note in a recent press meet. She feels monogamy isn’t an intrinsic part of human nature. It takes a lot of effort to honor it by controlling the urge to “look beyond”. [I relished the retort by Tim Lott and recommend a mass reading ceremony of it] It hardly occurs to the working/middle class folks that monogamy vs polygamy could be a subject to ponder upon. As Mr. Lott says, lack of choice kills a lot of flavors from hogging the brain and vanilla rules by default. Continue reading “Ducks and drakes”


40: Time’s running out

2 months or millions of seconds passed since I announced my ecstasy. Nothing did I initiate to mark a change. My decay continues with no respite in sight. No serious effort being made to walk my talk, I’m in a classic monkey trap. Is this a psycho-paralysis or a comfortable numbness or just a lull before the storm? Continue reading “40: Time’s running out”

Doting father

Dads are dying to share their pearls of wisdom. It’s partly natural affection, partly an overdose of ego – a rush of at least a couple of hormones. Subject to the depth of pockets, fathers go obsessed about their children’s growing up. This zeal, a result of the peer pressure in modern society and the promotions of “my daddy strongest” all over media, leads to stretching the role of a father unduly. Continue reading “Doting father”


Ishwar Chandra ‘Vidyasagar’ Bandyopadhyay had his share of fame during his time. He still is a revered name in Bengal (a bridge, a university, a city college after his name apart from many minor references), though not quite known at the national level. We don’t have a holiday declared on his birthday, or much of a noticeable stake of his biography on children’s textbooks nowadays – proving his posthumous heydays as a luminary are fading 125Y after his death. My picture of him remains a 2-pg capsule on him which served to glorify him and motivate tender minds to feel inspired. It met a purpose or two and was prescribed timely. However it was too little in dosage and too childish in quality – either in authenticity or in the objectiveness of portrayal of a human character. When I grew up to an age when I could truly appreciate a man, he was already off my textbooks. Continue reading “Vidyasagar”

40: high to try

Rolling Stones cut “Forty licks” to celebrate 4 decades of their career. Celebs brag “life begins at forty” to break the uneasy ice of age, “naughty forty” to emphasize that it’s not that loose a body. Is age just a number? If so, there must be something uncanny about 40. End of youth? Middle age? Choice between grey or bald? Health toll? Diet control, spectacles, repentance, disillusionment? At first I was jotting down loosely on the questions that spin in my head. Later I found a pattern, a clustering around death. [Info: I read a few days back on how Mendeleev found the Periodic Table in his dreams.] Continue reading “40: high to try”

The art of over-rated living – Planning

Planning is a platform shared by saints and sinners, theists and atheists as all strive for a common goal named ‘achievements’. Earlier we had planning commissions to chalk out 5Y plans for the nation. Predators plan their prey; enemies plan their next ploy; players plan their strategy; aspirants plan their career. We plan our days, some plan nights too. Continue reading “The art of over-rated living – Planning”

Monday blues – “With a little help from my friends”

I love those quotes and songs on friendship. How did I spend a decade without friends then? Of late it doesn’t rain on me when I walk on the street. It really doesn’t, even if I want to feel lighter in the rains. I ventured out in the open seeing a good, black cloud overcast and willingly forgot to take an umbrella. Still not a single drop fell on me. God hates me for disowning friends and showers no blessings on me. Continue reading “Monday blues – “With a little help from my friends””