Ducks and drakes

Scarlett Johansson has touched upon an interesting note in a recent press meet. She feels monogamy isn’t an intrinsic part of human nature. It takes a lot of effort to honor it by controlling the urge to “look beyond”. [I relished the retort by Tim Lott and recommend a mass reading ceremony of it] It hardly occurs to the working/middle class folks that monogamy vs polygamy could be a subject to ponder upon. As Mr. Lott says, lack of choice kills a lot of flavors from hogging the brain and vanilla rules by default. Continue reading “Ducks and drakes”


40: Time’s running out

2 months or millions of seconds passed since I announced my ecstasy. Nothing did I initiate to mark a change. My decay continues with no respite in sight. No serious effort being made to walk my talk, I’m in a classic monkey trap. Is this a psycho-paralysis or a comfortable numbness or just a lull before the storm? Continue reading “40: Time’s running out”