The art of over-rated living – Planning

Planning is a platform shared by saints and sinners, theists and atheists as all strive for a common goal named ‘achievements’. Earlier we had planning commissions to chalk out 5Y plans for the nation. Predators plan their prey; enemies plan their next ploy; players plan their strategy; aspirants plan their career. We plan our days, some plan nights too. Continue reading “The art of over-rated living – Planning”


Monday blues – “With a little help from my friends”

I love those quotes and songs on friendship. How did I spend a decade without friends then? Of late it doesn’t rain on me when I walk on the street. It really doesn’t, even if I want to feel lighter in the rains. I ventured out in the open seeing a good, black cloud overcast and willingly forgot to take an umbrella. Still not a single drop fell on me. God hates me for disowning friends and showers no blessings on me. Continue reading “Monday blues – “With a little help from my friends””

Gulliver lands in Lilliput to collect miracles

Inculcate: A glass wall in the office had a sticker on it saying “We don’t count on miracles; we make them”. It was strategically placed to induce cheer in the employees for innovation at workplace. I was resolute to stay me and not them – never lived up to the slogan in that job (or any of the succeeding ones). I ignored the writing on the wall; they were early signs of my crash-landing. A sticker, even after being rubbed off for 4 long years, failed to light my fire. My tryst with miracles continued with a pinch of salt. Continue reading “Gulliver lands in Lilliput to collect miracles”