Things she does to turn me on

On a normal day, I go to work, do things… I mean walk the money trail dreaming religiously of being able to earn more soon. More comfort, more security and a bit more predictability, such ‘more-tal’ thoughts more or less make my day. On my day, I talk too.

As we talk, classrooms around the globe are teeming with lessons on the importance of being a good human being over rich. Parents are telling their kids to be hardworking, honest and generous. There are fables on moral structure, summer camps for activities and uniforms for discipline. Schools are shaping up the future of individual nations. Textbooks are evolving with modern ideas to expedite development of tender minds. Meanwhile let’s waste time in rating things on a scale of their democratic stands on money. Are we, the rich and the poor, treated alike by things? It’s a futile exercise, but what’s a blog for otherwise?

  1. Death – By far, the most genuinely democratic element on this universe. No exception is granted so far, no backdoor exits for the rich, no closed door meeting with the saints, no recommendation letter approved, no reward points ever redeemed. A life must end in a death.


I’m struggling to find a second to this mighty king! There were many on my mind. Now that I’m typing, I see them fading due to entertaining exceptions.

  1. Art, science, intellect – Money doesn’t come on the way to artistic faculties or intellectual brilliance. However, money can play a crucial role in the road to fulfillment of dreams. Education doesn’t come for free. Plus there is easier access to all resources for children of rich parents.
  2. Fatal diseases – Almost there, but lost out the rank due to the bias toward the rich wrt coming back home clean. Money may prolong lives plucked with critical ailments – thanks to good doctors, modern medical hospitalities and latest technological support.
  3. Corruption, crime – These are usually matters of the mind; come straight out of the wombs of greed or rage. They don’t discriminate over depth of pockets. However, chances of staying outside the bars is surely higher if money blesses.
  4. God, religion – Poetically speaking, God is believed to be the creator of all and hence should treat all its offspring equally. Most shrines have shorter queues, less strenuous helicopter rides or closer looks of deity available for wealthier folks. Understandable! God is an idea created by humans and religion is its official business partner. God is offered money and it blesses devotees through money – that’s the done deal.

In short, no remorse is good for not having money. Fruition to expectations or recovery from abyss – these two mighty goals are heavily influenced by the bank factor. So, get rich soon, wellness will anyway follow.

Big fuss? I know you knew it and I know you never spoke about it. I’ll harp on this till the textbooks are revised with reality. Smartphones make your kids smart, cartoons explain them pocket money, films/TV teach them relationships, it’s about time to give them the proper alignment on life. The sooner they adapt, the higher your ROI rises. Science, social studies can wait, let’s put economics first into the curriculum. Around me, if I take a quick 360 deg scan, I hardly see science traces. It’s money that’s doing all the talking. Why to hush?

Things – Things that matter


Author: shban

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