Things she does to turn me on

On a normal day, I go to work, do things… I mean walk the money trail dreaming religiously of being able to earn more soon. More comfort, more security and a bit more predictability, such ‘more-tal’ thoughts more or less make my day. On my day, I talk too. Continue reading “Things she does to turn me on”


Déjà vu – George Carlin, my friend

A friend, not George Carlin, played on a video recording of an old, bald, gray-bearded man, already pronounced dead by doctors a few years back. Cusswords onstage, and more of it – so cheap a trick to glue people! As an hour passed by, I made an unconscious yet remarkable change in my reaction. I sat back from my erstwhile lying position. I had never heard his name before. The words were heard; similar if not identical. I couldn’t figure a name other than myself. Does he peek at me – the jaded, shaky, meek me standing in front of the mirror, murmuring words I failed to spit out through the day? Continue reading “Déjà vu – George Carlin, my friend”