Science vs Technology for dummies

Boys and girls… you’ve reached the right place to learn about science and technology. This course is tailor-made for people of your mental age (12-15Y). There are millions of better teachers for students with higher maturity.

Science is about knowledge on anything in and around us, about finding the truth, about challenging an existing ‘science’ and confirming it or discarding or refining it. Yes, a journey about the truth is bound to be filled with conflicts and unlearning/relearning. That doesn’t take away any points from our ancestors’ version of science. Needless to say, this journey is never-ending. Respect all the hard work and dedication poured in by all the scientists that led us to today’s world – but never stop questioning. Questioning is not disrespectful and blind allegiance is not science. A scientist, in the true sense of the word, wants others to understand and appreciate his/her theory by proper validation. So… science is quite a higher flying object than what you thought…. and that’s kind of arty and not a mass entertainer.Let’s come back to our base camp, our comfort zone of worldly existence. Come home technology. Technology is about selling a thing to a real customer in exchange of real money – I heard it somewhere. A thing to be sold can be anything and the selling must happen – in other words, I don’t qualify as a technology until I’m actually sold – a quality product, prospective customer aren’t good enough to pass the litmus test. The product could be real and tangible; or just an idea or something virtual. Topmost technologists are usually highly qualified academically, may have the brightest brains with passion to win the world and must possess the strongest business senses. A technology could be as smart as a computer, crucial as a life saving drug, silly as fashion, addictive as games, destructive as a nuclear bomb, ambitious as a power plant, innovative as space shuttle, reckless as a smartphone, redundant as a robot, unoriginal as remixed songs, expensive as jewellery, stupid as bungee jumping, broad as internet, dumb as a selfie stick and purposely lame as social networking. When you hear words like “sophisticated“, “upgrade”, “obsolete”, “fast”, “modern”, “next gen”, “savvy”, “market”, “smart”, “competitor“, “deal” too often in an essay, it’s more likely about technology and not about science. Technology is omnipresent and may use science as a tool, if found suitable in its way to success. There is good or bad in technology, only success and failure. It’s stateless, i.e. one success may not be enough to guarantee next success.

There is nothing to demoralize about the use of technology, in fact it’s way too powerful to resist. Just a word of caution – choose your technology not just with an open heart, but apply a pair of open eyes and a slice of brain too.


Author: shban

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