I and my solitaire keep whispering to each other

The rich and the poor, divided by the ocean of economy, have a strange equation that bridges them. They both are children of God; however the flow of affection got skewed on its way and the poor missed it completely. Some of them feel deprived and are angry deep inside. Some think it’s God’s discretion or spilt-over sin from a previous birth and must be accepted in silence. They are helpless in the hands of God and his favorite children. Theirs is a life minus style – it’s about a boring toil throughout just to make the basic ends meet and die in poverty in the process. The rich have dreams, aspirations, emotions, moods, friends, mannerisms, tastes and choices apart from the definitive money, comfort and lifestyle.
“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich” – Napoleon Bonaparte (who cares for misattribution!)

It’s obvious that poor look up to the rich in awe. The leaked items of their blessed siblings, be it alms, tax or charity, may eventually reach the poor. This expectation keeps them going in life – a boat designed faulty but somehow afloat. This is evident. Have you noticed the rich aping the poor under certain circumstances? Trust me, they do. Their motives are entirely different, but these actions aren’t. The rich don’t mind tasting a slice of a poor life once in a while – either for a roleplay fun, or just for a change. They often buy an ‘experience’ which adds flavors to their life. The poor hardly object to such an encroaching on their fated space. Actually they hardly have time to bother beyond their daily grind-and-abuse routine.

·         A world cup final result may make revelers spend a night on the street. Homelessness?

·         Weeds, the most economic form of addiction (one of those things that is illegal but easily available in India) that keeps the poor forget their pain, is quite popular in the rich socializing circuits. Bohemianism?

·         Village resorts with earthy cottages and nature walks are meant for rich tourists. Rusticity?

·         At their nutritionist’s advice, or by peer pressure of staying in shape, rich people start hitting the gym to sweat out. Fatigue?

·         Cutting down on food to check cholesterol, going on diet to be presentable is very common. Hunger?


#P.S. Pardon my French! It was meant to be ‘solitude’ on the title; I consulted the dictionary just now – too little, too late.

Author: shban

Lost and never found

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